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Interior Design & Remodeling 








* Tega Builders is a full-service residential interior design specializing in interior architectural renovations. We primarily work in Los Angeles Area. 

Our interior remodeling services include space planning, and material selection, 






* Our projects range in size from one-room redesigns to whole-house customizations. We always look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with architects, vendors, and industry specialists no matter the size of the job.






* Our mission at Tega Builders is to create spaces for individuals and families that are reflective of their lifestyles and personalities. Each design statement for our clients is a unique expression of who they are. Whenever possible, we look for sustainable solutions that are long-lasting, beautiful, and gentle on the earth.






* Our approach is highly collaborative. We work consistently with our clients through an initial envisioning process to tease out the look that speaks to them. It's important to us for our clients to have a feel of their space before we begin. We love when our clients are as engaged in their new look as we are. Then we use our design experience and industry knowledge to develop the details of that shared vision. Collaboration, communication and teamwork are the foundations of the design process with our clients.